Project Outside Qatar

Designed by our Architect, Wajid Shah, the following designs are sample projects Lilac Landscape can implement:

  • Housing Scema

  • ( Agriculture-Social Housing-Industry )

Planned to revolve around the seemingly antonymous concepts of privacy and openness, the orientation of villas and landscape design resulted to achieving privacy from the road while maximizing on views and sense of openness.

  • Arcadia City

  • ( Nature -Social Housing-Leisure )

The proposed layout for a 150 Kanal township aimed for an architectural design that would allow sharing the breathtaking views of Murree mountain resort town.
Emphasis was given on making the most out of the site natural features. Amenities were designed as high structures and sited in middle, while the residential were designed lower and placed towards the far end of the site, resulting to great views and accessibility.

  • Landscape

  • Tanda Dam Park

  • ( Water Front - Natural Food - Public Spaces)

Located 10 kilometers from Kohat City at an elevation of 1,745 feet above sea level, Tanda dam is continues to be a major picnic spot for the people of surrounding areas. The peaceful and serene natural environment makes Tanda dam a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature away from the bustling city Kohat, which has very, limited recreational sites.

  • Upgradation of Islamabad Zoo

  • ( Wildlife - Enternaiment - Learing)

Islamabad zoo is an 82-acre (33 ha) project in the Capital Territory of Pakistan. The project involved upgrading of zoo condition to meet the international standards of a zoo, with the idea of Public Private partnership

    Green Building (IRM)

    Project :

The IRM office building is designed as a low cost environmentally sensitive workspace, first of its kinds in this region, derived from traditional Mediterranean architecture techniques and contemporary lines. The design creates a series of multifunctional spaces which blend the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly. Many elements of this thermally adaptive environment borrows’ from the tradition of passive cooling techniques.

    Context :

  • Splitting the building to achieve the ideal orientation and spaces for extreme conditions
  • Building masses and spaces have been created in a way to achieve the wind circulation inside the building for healthier working environment
  • The building has been kept elevated to reduce the occasional incoming of storm water from the nearby stream of south side
  • All the three points above are the bases of providing a well-lit, cross ventilated and shaded community space in the lower ground floor of the building

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